piShip is the newest autonomous boatready-to-use and designed to be quickly deployed in monitoring missions in lakes, rivers and seas. piShip is fully customizable, and can be adapted to carry a number of sensor families, and often used in environmental monitoring, mapping of contaminants, hydrogeological surveys, inspection of areas, collecting photos&videos etc.

It is able to move independently in waterways, to perform Dynamic Positioning, to follow preset GPS paths and cover areas on the basis of pre-programmed missions.
piShip does not require operators on board, and is therefore particularly suitable for areas that are unsuitable for human presence. Monitoring campaigns in the presence of bloom of cyanobacteria, landslide or steep areas, landfills or air contaminated areas,  become therefore possible without any risk to the safety of human life.

The all-electric propulsion system makes the vessel silent and particularly suitable for use in protected and delicate ecosystems.

Thanks to the new piCore architecture integrated on board, the path set by the operator is followed with the utmost precision, even in the presence of strong winds and currents.

The ability to take samples and point measurements, typical of the traditional monitoring system is guaranteed by the Dynamic Positioning System, that allows the stationing of the boat on a fixed point even in adverse weather conditions.

The extremely reduced dimensions, and the minimal weight, permit to convey piShip in the trunk of a car, and to make it readily available in case of need.

Despite its small size, piShip is designed to carry sensors and instrumentation for a total weight of over 15 kg. The endurance of about five hours (extendable) makes it widely usable also in missions of long duration. piShip has a fully customizable technological heart: size, type of hull, endurance, propulsion system, can be customized according to specific customer's needs. In addition, devices such as grabber for taking sediments, Niskin bottles, and specific sensors (also owned by the customer) can be interfaced upon request.


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  • Easily transportable and deployable
  • No risk for human safety even in contaminated environments
  • Environmentally friendly boat, suitable for protected and delicate environments
  • Completely customizable (hull, sensors, functionalities, endurance, propulsion systems)
  • Reduced costs if compared to traditional procedures
  • High flexibility that allows to perform various types of mission
  • The operator easily receives real-time parameters to be monitored
  • One operator can manage multiple autonomous boats
  • Continuous monitoring

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