picorepiCore is a hardware/software customizable autopilot for autonomous Air, Ground and Sea vehicles, designed and built to maximize performance and safety of the vehicles controlled.

The complete customizability of functionalities needed by the applications, the ability to deploy and update the most modern and efficient Guidance, Navigation, Control algorithms  make piCore an incredibly flexible customizable platform to push the vehicle to its best performance. To ensure maximum safety and reliability of unmanned vehicles, piCore presents a native fault tolerant architecture, with FailSafe integrated. To achieve even higher levels of safety, piCore is also available in redundant configurations.


The platform includes:
a main processing unit, 150 MHz with FPU (300 MegaFLOPS), 32-bit
a GPS module
triaxial accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers
static pressure sensor
differential pressure sensor
• 8 analog inputs
• 3 UART
• 1 I2C bus
• 2 CAN bus
• 16 GPIO
8 PWM outputs

piCore can be interfaced with all the devices that use the most widely used communication standards on the market. This allows the perfect integration with any sensors on the market that meet these standards.


PITOM snc - P.IVA 02002070502 - SS12, 51 - 56017 San Giuliano Terme (PI) - Tel. (+39) 050 817472


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