New UAS for Defence applications

piCORE XIt has been signed today a new contract to design, produce and deliver novel special UAVs in multirotor configuration for Defence applications. Built by a network of selected Italian companies specialized in Robotics, Aeronautical systems and Composite materials, the new Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) will show special features, like full autonomous operations from take-off to landing (also from moving vehicles), flight capability in adverse meteorological conditions, and will support a novel payload with disruptive technology on board.

The overall Autopilot systems and the Ground Control Station will be specially designed and customized by Pitom, that will also lead the Integration task. Special unconventional functionalities will be designed to make the Multirotor fulfil the overall autonomous missions.

The novel platform is expected to set a new milestone in the UAS industry.

PITOM snc - P.IVA 02002070502 - SS12, 51 - 56017 San Giuliano Terme (PI) - Tel. (+39) 050 817472


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