Italian Value - Sep 2016

"The revolution of mobile robotics"

Is it possible to bring into the civil sphere the advanced military technology of the unmanned vehicle sector? According to the group of former researchers who now are part of PITOM, an enterprise based in Pisa, this is not only possible but it is already happening. It will gradually change our daily life deeply. Mati explains what will be the technological innovations that are going to succeed in this industry in the near future. «First of all, electronic platforms will continue to greatly increase their computing skills, allowing to use more complex algorithms that can manipulate large amounts of data [...] PITOM’s network today includes Chinese and Italian car enterprises, Japanese enterprises belonging to the terrestrial robotics industry, the University of Pisa, the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and many others. «Building such an important network allows us to meet the needs of markets that would otherwise be very complicated to reach for an Italian start-up. Our growth model plans to develop our enterprise through the integration of our technologies with those of our partners.»

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