Hipeac Info - OCT 2017

"Delivering predictability and performance: A Herculean Task"

[...] HERCULES targets the lower layers of the autonomous driving computational stack, by allowing workload intensive real-time applications to predictably run on next-generation heterogeneous platforms. These days a heavy burden is imposed on OEMs to comply with functional safety standards specified by automotive (ISO 26262) and avionic (DO-178) regulations. ‘Freedom from interference’ is one of the main challenges for the certification of multicore platforms in these domains. This requires system providers to provide   sufficient evidence on the worst-case latencies that may be introduced to safety-critical modules due to contention on shared hardware and software resources.

The HERCULES framework aims at supporting auto motive, avionic and industrial automation applications featuring heavy parallel workloads composed of concurrent and recurring tasks requiring tight real-time guarantees. Beside the autonomous driving system by Magneti Marelli, there are two use-cases from the avionic domain: a camera-based tracking system with online machine learning support provided by Airbus, and a control system for autonomous aerial drones from Italian company PITOM. The HERCULES consortium is also collaborating with companies in the industrial automation domain to validate the framework for industrial 4.0 applications.

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Italian Value - Sep 2016

"The revolution of mobile robotics"

Is it possible to bring into the civil sphere the advanced military technology of the unmanned vehicle sector? According to the group of former researchers who now are part of PITOM, an enterprise based in Pisa, this is not only possible but it is already happening. It will gradually change our daily life deeply. Mati explains what will be the technological innovations that are going to succeed in this industry in the near future. «First of all, electronic platforms will continue to greatly increase their computing skills, allowing to use more complex algorithms that can manipulate large amounts of data [...] PITOM’s network today includes Chinese and Italian car enterprises, Japanese enterprises belonging to the terrestrial robotics industry, the University of Pisa, the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and many others. «Building such an important network allows us to meet the needs of markets that would otherwise be very complicated to reach for an Italian start-up. Our growth model plans to develop our enterprise through the integration of our technologies with those of our partners.»

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Tomshardware - 27/05/2016

"HERCULES: Die europäische Antwort auf Google und Tesla"

HERCULES ist ein sehr ambitioniertes Projekt, das hochperformante, Linux-basierte Echtzeitplattformen für Embedded- und Low-Power-Systeme entwickeln will. Das Ganze zielt auf selbstfahrende Autos und ihren Bedarf an Plattformen ab, die jede Aktion in Echtzeit bewältigen können. Sie müssen also leistungsstark sein, dürfen aber keine Strom- oder Platzfresser sein. Das Gleiche gilt für Passagierflugzeuge und die Nachfrage an Videoüberwachungssystemen, die gefährliche Personen am Boden entdecken können - ebenfalls in Echtzeit. Alle an diesem Projekt beteiligten Personen und Firmen trafen sich am 10. Mai in Venaria, einer oberitalienischen Stadt nahe Turin, wo Magneti Marelli sein Hauptquartier hat. Die University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) führt die Gruppierung an, zu der auch die Czech Technical University, ETH Zurich, Airbus, Evidence Srl (S.Giuliano Terme, Italy), pi.tom (Navacchio, Italy) und natürlich Magneti Marelli selbst gehört. Tom's Hardware Italien war als Mitglied des Beirats dabei, zu dem wiederum BMW CAR IT, Porsche Engineering Service, VW, CODEPLAY, Yanmar, IMA, SACMI, TOPCON Positioning System, Continental Automotive, Autoliv, Honeywell, MBDA, Leonardo-Finmeccanica (Airborne and Space System Division), ARM und Nvidia gehören.

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Crossinnovation - 10/06/2014

"Collaboration with local university strength Italian incubator"

The collaboration with the University is one of the strenghts of Navacchio, the incubator based near Pisa, Tuscany. In this column you can find four stories of startups that were incubated by Navacchio. One the most promising is Pitom, “a tailor’s shop for drones” as his co-founder and CEO Roberto Mati explains. "We are the only Italian startup that does not assembles drones, but creates hardware and software to make them work" [...]

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