piShip presentation

Today piShip, the Autonomous Surface Vessel designed and produced by PITOM, has been shown to the public. The presentation took place in the small lake of Brentino - Massarosa (Lucca). The boat is capable of moving autonomously in a lake or a river.

Watch the video


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PCX-01 piCORE release

The first release of piCore (codename PCX-01) - the autopilot system designed by PITOM, has been produced today. piCore is a hardware platform featuring all the components needed to set up an autopilot system suitable for autonomous vehicles applications.



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Start of research and development activity: VTOL

PITOM has started a research and development activity aimed at the design and implementation of a new series of VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles. The drones, featuring autonomous flight capabilities, will be fully interfaced to piMEGS, the new modular, cross-platform, reconfigurable Ground Control Station developed by PITOM. piMegs provides remote control functionalities for Aerial, Ground and Marine Unmanned Vehicles supporting single vehicle as well as swarm operations.

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